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Day 1 - September 25, 2018

Day 2 - September 26, 2018


“Best Ever Symposium.  Glad to participate and be there.”

JOHN CRUDEN (Former Attorney General for Environment And Natural Resources Division, Law Firm of Beveridge & Diamond)


I though[t] the mix of presenters was terrific, as was the theme of the symposium. Very constructive.”

ROBERT GLICKSMAN (The George Washington University Law School)


“It was an excellent program. Congratulations!”

JOHN (JAY) PENDERGRASS (Environmental Law Institute)


“Thanks for putting together such an interesting program and for so artfully directing several of the speakers away from their “go to advocacy” positions in favor of common constructive themes.”

RICHARD DU BEY (Law Firm of Ogden Murphy Wallace)


“I do want to commend you again for organizing and running an outstanding symposium.” 



“Very Informative and the topics were great. I really loved the diversity in speakers and the way that the event was moderated – the ‘spirit’ of the symposium, if you will.”

WHITNEY LYNCH COLE (State of Kansas)


“Even though I’m a NRDA practitioner, the 2nd day was quite interesting.”



“High point was being in a room with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise with a seemingly common goal (manage our natural resources responsibly).”

LINDA LOGAN (Consulting Firm of Anchor QEA)